Free Wi-Fi Service on Mt.Fuji

A free Wi-Fi® service will be launched for overseas climbers on the slopes of iconic Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain and one of UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage Sites. The service at selected hotspots will begin on July 10.

How to use the Wi-Fi service

Step 1 :Get your Wi-Fi card
Step 2 :Check the access piont
Step 3 :Log in by following the procedure on the card
 *Connectivity will last for 72 hours from initial logon

Service Period

Yoshida Trail July10 to September 14
Subashiri Trail July10 to September 10
Gotemba Trail
Fujinomiya Trail

Wi-Fi card distribution places

Yoshida Trail ・5th Station Management Centre
・6th Station
Subashiri Trail ・5th Station Climbing entrance English
Chinese(Traditional and Simplified)
Gotemba Trail ・New 5th Station
Fujinomiya Trail ・5th Station Mt.Fuji General Information

Access Points

Yoshida Trail 5th Station ・5th Station Management Centre
・Fujikyu-Unjokaku(mountain hut)
Subashiri Trail 5th Station ・Higashifuji-Sanso(mountain hut)
Gotemba Trail New 5th Station ・Fujikyu-baiten Half Mountain (shop)
Fujinomiya Trail 5th Station ・Mt.Fuji General Information
Summit ・Ougiya(mountain hut)
・Yamaguchiya(mountain hut)
・Fujikan Summit Hut(mountain hut)


Press Release


For further information, please contact:

Shizuoka Prefecture
 Mr. Naoyuki Harada
 Tourism Policy Division
 Tel: +81-54-221-3638   Fax: +81-54-221-3627

Yamanashi Prefecture 
 Mr.Takashi Maruyama or Mr.Takeshi Fujimaki
 Tourism Department, Tourism Promotion Divition
 Tel: +81-55-223-1573   Fax: +81-55-223-1558