【Warning】Do not lose your travel companions on the Yoshida Trail!

This summer, on the Yoshida Trail, there were a number of cases in which travel companions could not be contacted. (Eventually, all of these people were safely reunited with their travel companions).

Before climbing, be sure to confirm the contact information of your travel companions, share the route you will take, and decide upon a meeting place in the event that someone gets lost.

Additionally, when descending the mountain, the Yoshida Trail is the same as the Subashiri Trail until the two trails diverge at the 8th station. Many people do not notice this junction and mistakenly take the Subashiri Trail at this point.

There is a signpost at the junction as well as audio instructions. However, many people follow the crowd and forget to check their path at the junction or cannot see the signpost due to bad weather, then take the wrong path.

A map of the junction is pictured below. Please carefully check the map before descending the mountain.

Subashiri-Yoshida Trail Junction

 1_Yoshida Trail and Subashiri Trail Junction

For the Yoshida Trail, go left from the centrally located signpost toward Shita-Edoya. For the Subashiri Trail, go to the right.

 2_Signpost located above Shita-Edoya

Behind the signpost is the Shita-Edoya building

 3_The sign on the side of Shita-Edoya

For the Yoshida Trail, go left from this sign post, passing the front of Shita-Edoya.

 4_Signpost located 100m from Shita-Edoya (on Subashiri Trail)

If you go right at the signpost in front of Shita-Edoya, you will accidentally follow the Subashiri Trail. However, there is a signpost about 100m away from Shita-Edoya. If you go left from this signpost (via the Subashiri Trail Ascent Route) and climb up the mountain, you can return to the Yoshida Trail Descent Route. If you pass this signpost, you will not be able to return to the Yoshida Trail.