To avoid the congestion, let’s enjoy safe and comfortable climbing

On weekend, Mt.Fuji is extremely crowded !

2018 Calendar of Congestion-Prospect
Calendar of Congestion-Prospect is made from data in the past, so there might be some possibility to differ from the present situation. It is advisable making climbing schedule considering weather etc. and climb with affordable schedule.

At Mt.Fuji, it is the tendency that the number of climbers increases from the mid-July and they concentrate on weekends.
Since lots of climbers try to see the sunrise at the summit, it is just before sunrise that the summit and around is most crowded.

For example, the following situations are anticipated when and where it is crowded. 

  • Being late for arrival-time on mountain huts or sunrise-watching-points, because of its slow walking and climbing pace.
  • Being unable to keep places for rest, unable to take rest when it is necessary.
  • Being in high risk of falling over like dominoes or hit by falling rocks.

It is recommended for climbers to possibly avoid crowded days so as to enjoy safe and comfortable climbing.
As a reference, it is also quite possible to see sunrise from the way of climbing routes such as Yoshida Trail, Subashiri Trail and Gotemba Trail, from some points of Fujinomiya Trail as well.
Also, it is recommendable to see sunrise from mountain huts where you stay and unhurriedly climb to the summit after sunrise.


Crowded spots & hours are different from trail to trail.
You would be well advised to make your climbing schedule, reflecting on prospects of congestion etc. according to the trails.

Situations prospected during the days of congestion.

During the days of congestion, the 4 ascending trails are anticipated as follows.

Yoshida Trail> 

  • During some time zone, long range of trail from 7th station to summit would be crowded.
  • It would be required to climb at night in line in order to see the sunrise at summit.
  • It is anticipated to take doubled time of usual to climb at night from 8th station to summit.

Subashiri Trail>

  • Up until original 8th station where merging with Yoshida Trail, it would not be much crowded.
  • After merging with Yoshida Trail, number of climbers dramatically increases.

Gotemba Trail>

  • Even during the Most Crowded Days, no congestion is anticipated.

Fujinomiya Trail>

  • Not much like at Yoshida Trail, some congestion would occur at around close to summit when sunrise.
  • It is anticipated to take 1.5 times of usual to climb at night from 8th station to summit.

■Spots where congestion is anticipated
Around Summit from Yoshida & Subashiri Trail in Crowded Day