You must carry rainwear, cold protection, a head lamp and a map!

  • You should check your equipment before departure for climbing.
  • When you climb Mt. Fuji, higher than 3,000m in altitude, you should be properly equipped, so that you can cope with a sudden weather change or unexpected delay in descending the mountain.

<Necessary Equipment>
Shoes Trekking shoes/boots
Rainwear Separate type
Water proof jacket and trouser
Clothes Warm clothes: fleece, sweater, down jacket
Underwear Quick-drying underwear
Light Head lamp
Water About 2 liters of water (available for purchase at mountain huts)
Snacks Easy to take
Trash Bags Bags to bring trash back 
Money Cash: Credit card is not usually accepted at moutain huts
Small Change: contribution for toilet
Others Cap/hat, map, sunglasses, sunscreen, walking poles

Also Mt.Fuji is classified as an active volcano. Hikers are advised to bring the following items for an unexpected eruption.

Hard Hat, Helmet Hard Hat can also protect your head against damege in the case of rock fall or falling over.
Dust mask Dust mask can also fend off dust when you are trekking down the descent trails, which become dusty.
Dust goggles Dust goggle can also protect your eyes against dust on the descent trails.
  • Helmet free rental【Yoshida Trail and Fujinomiya Trail】
    ※【Yoshida Trail】Helmet free rental at Mt.Fuji 6th station Mt.Fuji Safety Guidance Center. Quantities are limited. Pay deposit 2000yen/per Helmet. Deposit will be returned only when rental helmets are no damaged and lost.

    ※【Fujinomiya Trail】Mt.Fuji General Information Center at 5th station provides Helmet free rental. No deposit but need to fill out a form.