Weather Information

Temperature Difference on Mt. Fuji

  • Temperature fluctuates due to the large difference in altitude between the 5th station and the summit (temperature lowers at a rate of approximately -0.6℃ per 100 m of altitude). At the summit, the temperature is low enough to have snowfall even in the summer. When the wind is blowing, you will feel even colder at the same temperature (approximately -1.0℃ wind chill per 1 m/sec of wind velocity).
  • The difference in temperature between the foot of the mountain and the summit may exceed 20℃. When the wind is blowing, you will feel even colder. Make sure to prepare protection against the cold.

Sudden Weather Change

  • In summer, dense fog or thunder/lightning occurs very often, increasing the risk of climbers losing their way or thunderbolt strikes. If you hear the sound of thunder, stop whatever you are doing and take shelter immediately.