Yoshida Trail

Locations and features

Yoshida Trail departs from the Fuji-Subaru Line 5th Station and joins the ascending trails of Yoshida Trail Ent. at the 6th Station. This is a trail to head to the summit from the north side of Mt. Fuji on the Yamanashi Prefecture side.

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Features of Yoshida Trail

  • The ascending Trail and descending Trail are separated.
  • There are many mountain lodges on the ascending trail, but few on the descending trail.
  • More than half of the climbers use the Yoshida Trail.
  • Staying on the right track


  • All the maps below are valid for the period from July 10th to September 10th.
During the period from July 1st to 10th (9:00 am), the passable mountain trails near the summit are different.
Click here for the map valid from 1st to 10th July (9am). (only Japanese)
  • The opening period of the first-aid station has been changed since the leaflet was created. Please check here for the latest information.

Other Language

  • Simplified Chinese(簡体字)
  • Traditional Chinese(繁体字)


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Be careful of the junction with the Subashiri Trail!

About 1000 people go down the Subashiri Trail by mistake every season. If you go down the Subashiri Trail by mistake, you cannot get back onto the Yoshida Trail. Also please note that there is no direct bus from the Subashiri Trail 5th Station to the Fuji-Subaru Line 5th Station. If you go down to the Subashiri Trail 5th Station by mistake, you will have to take a bus or a taxi to get back to the Yoshida Trail. The ascending Trail and descending Trail are separated.

Turn left at the " Shita-edoya" mountain hut. Take the narrow path in front of the hut.