Trails have been closed due to snow.
●5th Sta. to the summit: Yoshida, Subashiri and Gotemba Trail
●6th Sta. to the summit: Fujinomiya Trail

◆Climbing Season for 2016◆
 Yoshida Trail:1 July - 10 September
 Subashiri,Gotemba,Fujinomiya Trail:10 July - 10 September
  *The open/close times may change subject to weather and trail conditions.

Mt.Fuji Volcanic Alert Level

Level 1: Be mindful that Mt.Fuji is potentially active


Live camera

The northern foot of Mt.Fuji(From Biodiversity Center of Japan)
The northern foot of Mt.Fuji(From Fuji Hokuroku Flux Obsevation Site)
Lakeside of Lake Tanukiko
The 5th station rotary of Fuji-Subaru Line