Night climbing will not be allowed without staying in a mountain hut. -

In order to ensure safe climbing, following regulations will be in place from the 2024 climbing season.
Please take these new regulations into account in planning your Mt.Fuji climbing.

*In case of group organizers (e.g. tour operation, supply sales), please communicate the new regulations to the individual climbers on our behalf.

Yamanashi Pref. (Yoshida Trail)

*Climbing after dark is not allowed except for those who stay in mountain huts.

>> Entrance restrictions

The following restrictions will be enforced at the entrance gate at the fifth station EXCEPT for those with reservation at mountain huts:
1) Trail will be closed from 4:00 pm through 3:00 am on the following day.
2) Trail will be closed when the number of the entrants reaches at 4,000 people per day.
Information on entrance restrictions will be posted on the official SNS in a timely fashion.
>> Climbers who enter the area beyond the gate need to pay a fee of 2,000 JPY per person.
As before, we are asking for a voluntary donation (a unit of 1,000 JPY in principle) for Mt. Fuji conservation fund outside this fee.
>> Climbers are required to follow the instructions by the Yamanashi prefectural government staff who are assigned to maintain safe, orderly, eco-friendly climbing.
>> Inexperienced climbers are recommended to have assistance of professional mountaineering guide in climbing.

<<Yamanashi Prefecture Mt. Fuji Yoshida trail gate entrance reservation system>>

The reservation for the hiking fee costs 2,000 yen.
We would greatly appreciate if you could also donate for the conservation of Mt. Fuji.
You can pay for this alongside the hiking fee.
Please note that this is the reservation for general admission through the trail gate (mandatory) and not a reservation for the mountain huts.

Yamanashi Prefecture Contact

 Governor's Policy Bureau  Mount Fuji Conservation and Tourism Ecosystem Promotion Group Phone: 055-223-1315

Shizuoka Pref.
(Subashiri Trail, Gotemba Trail and Fujinomiya Trail)

>> Everyone who enters after 4:00pm will be requested to present the reservation documents on site.

※Please refrain from overnight quick climbs without staying overnight at a mountain hut. If you are starting your climb after 4pm, please make sure to make a reservation at a mountain hut. We will check on-site whether you have a reservation.

>> Climbing plan registration
Climbers are requested to register climbing plan form the web site in advance.
 (URL will be announced in late June.)

>> Fujisan Conservation Donations
Fund to conserve world's heritage Mt. Fuji as a safe and enjoyable mountain to visit. We are asking all climbers for donation (a unit of 1,000 JPY in principle).

Shizuoka Prefecture Contact

 Sports, Culture and Tourism Department
 Mt.Fuji World Heritage Divison
   Phone: 054-221-3746

List of mountain hut information

Yoshida Trail

Facility name
Web site
Booking Remarks
Web Phone
Subaru Line 5sta MOUNT FUJI
  × ×  
Subaru Line 5sta UNJOKAKU        
Subaru Line 5sta Komitake chaya        
5th Sta. Satogoya https://www.fuji-satogoya.
6th Sta. Satomidaira★
Seikanso ×  
7th Sta. HANAGOYA   × ×  
× Phone for booking
7th Sta. Mountain hut tomoekan
7th Sta. Kamaiwakan
7th Sta. FUJI ICHIKAN ×  
7th Sta. Toriiso ×  
7th Sta. Toyo-kan Inn ×  
8th Sta. Taishikan Hut
8th Sta. HORAIKAN ×  
8th Sta. Haku-un-so ×  
8th Sta. GANSO MURO ×  
8th Sta.
Fujisan Hotel
Please refer to "for English Speakers" on the homepage.
* For guided tours, please use Fuji mountain guides.
× We do not accept reservations directly at the mountain hut.(*)
8th Sta.
Mountain hut tomoekan ×  

*This information will be updated as soon as it is confirmed.

Subashiri Trail

Facility name
Web site
Booking  Remarks
Web Phone
5th Sta. Mt.Fuji Villa KIKUYA ×  
5th Sta. Higashifuji-Sanso

Mail only
× E-mail for bookig:
5th Sta.
Yoshino-ya http://fujisan-sunaharai
× Japanese support
6th Sta. Osada-sanso   × ×  
6th Sta.
Setokan ×  
7th Sta. Taiyo-kan        
7th Sta.
Miharashi-kan × Phone for booking
8:00 - 19:00
8th Sta. Edoya
8th Sta.
8.5th Sta. Goraikoukan        
Summit Ougiya        
Summit Yamaguchiya        

*This information will be updated as soon as it is confirmed.

Gotemba Trail

Facility name
Web site
Booking  Remarks
Web Phone
5th Sta.
6th Sta.
Hanzobo Phone for booking
Also accepted by email 
7.4th Sta. Warazikan Phone for booking
Also accepted by email
7.5th Sta. Sunabashiri-kan        
7.9th Sta.

8(hachi) gokan


*This information will be updated as soon as it is confirmed.

Fujinomiya Trail

Facility name
Web site
Booking  Remarks
Web Phone
6th Sta. Unkai-so        
6th Sta. Houei Lodge
7th Sta.
Mt.Fuji Fujinomiya Trail The New 7th Station Goraikousansou http://www.goraikousansou.
× Private room available
7th Sta.
Yamaguchi sanso  
8th Sta. Ikedakan        
9th Sta. Mannennyuki sanso https://mannnennyuki.wixsite.

Phone for booking
weekday 9:00 - 17:00
9.5th Sta. Munatsuki sanso        
Summit Chojo Fujikan        

*This information will be updated as soon as it is confirmed.

Itineraries (Model plans)

Click here for a model plan for Sunrise Climb.

For those planning a day mountain climbing trip

Climbing Mt. Fuji as a day trip is extremely dangerous unless you have sufficient physical strength and experience. Make a plan that suits your physical strength and be mindful of what time you should start descending the mountain so that you can catch the bus home in time.
* Do not climb without a plan and sufficient gear: Climbing with light gear and bullet climbing involve high risk.