1,000 or more cases of getting lost! Please make use of Mt. Fuji App.

Every year during summer climbing season, 1,000 or more climbers lose their way on Yoshida trail and wrongly descend Subashiri trail. Various measures such as signposts, audio guidance, and guiding staff on site have been taken, nonetheless, the number of lost cases has not decreased.

In order to resolve this situation, Yamareco Inc. has created a Smartphone application; Mt. Fuji app.
This application works with simple operation online as well as offline. Please install it ahead of climbing and utilize it to secure your safety. Bringing mobile batteries is also recommended just in case.

Junction at 8th station of descending trail(Yoshida and Subashiri Trail)

Characteristics of Mt. Fuji app

  • You can check your current location offline.
  • Easy to use; all you have to do is to select the route.
  • Alerts you by voice and vibration in taking wrong ways.
  • Tells you approximate time to the destination.